Almost Outlawed In The United States

Almost Outlawed United States

Almost outlawed in the United States…

Did you know that the causes of all diseases is the lack of oxygen?

Research has proven that the lack of oxygen is the fundamental causes of all diseases.

Some people might be thinking now, and ask themselves “I am breathing right now! How the hell do I take it? I am breathing all day long.

Almost Outlawed United States

Almost outlawed United States

A little bit confusing, another question takes place.

How oxygen supposed to cure diseases when you’re already taking it?

What you must understand is that, I’m not talking about the ordinary air we breath in. To be honest, the air we breath is only 21% of oxygen.

The oxygen we are talking about is the pure unadulterated oxygen.

So how do we take it?
Sending it to the lungs? No
Sending it to the bloodstream? No
Is it bathing your cells and tissues with the oxygen? Yes

There are several things we must know on how to take oxygen.

First, There are some food which we call “oxygen foods” plus vitamins and minerals. We must change our Diet’s and start eating food with much oxygen in it. Let me give an example, there a some food that has vitamins in increasing the red blood cells which in return boost the amount of oxygen traveling through your body.

Almost Outlawed United States

There are 4 supplements you can take in increasing the oxygen in the body, and it’s very perfect for those who are not a “Veggie Person”.

You might want to check this video for more information about this.

Second, is that you must have a proper diet and exercise like yoga. I highly recommend this one.
and other non-strenuous techniques. This causes the flooding of oxygen in the body and excreting the toxic and waste out of our system.

Lastly we must learn how to breath properly in order for the oxygen to have a proper flow and travel through our body. If we dont know how to breath in the right way this might starve our body and brain which causes the lack of concentration.

Almost Outlawed United States

There are things and methods that you must know in order for you to increase the oxygen in the body. If you want to know what they are and how to apply day to day basis the things above and if your health is now at risk you must check out my friend Kevin who is an independent natural health researcher, He could share to you more about oxygen therapy, why people get easily sick nowadays and why this miracle cure has been outlawed in the United States of America.

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