Doctor Jailed for Curing Patients?

Doctor Jailed curing Patients?

Doctor Jailed curing Patients

Doctor Jailed for curing Patients?

There’s a lot of Doctors in the world who were put to jail and stripped of their licenses by the authority because of the discovery of curing even the incurable illness. One of them is Dr. Atkins who won a noble prize a decades ago and was been put to jail for curing a cancer patient with this approach.

Nowadays. there are many new discovered medicine that would treat an illness. There are antacids, pain killers, digestive aid and many more.

Doctor Jailed curing Patients?

As I was walking at the isle of the supermarket I’m so amazed how every single week there’s a new drug being offered, and there’s a wonder drug that was been tossed up to cure illness. So much of the hyped in the market. What is alarming is that we are one of the most medicated country in the world and yet sickness, diseases and all types of illness abounds everywhere.

People were so ignorant that those medicines in the market were just treating the symptoms not the real cause. So, we have to be inform about these things and be educated about alternative medicine.

Alternative Medicine treats the cause not the effects.

My friend Kevin discovered that there’s only one cause to all the sickness and diseases out there. See it while you have some time I guarantee you that this is worth wasting your time.

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