Natural Cure for Gangrene With Some Important Considerations

Gangrene is a clinical term used to describe the death of tissue (necrosis) in parts of the body. Tissues become dark or green. Blocked blood vessels results to infection which causes gangrene. It is a result from critical insufficient blood and oxygen supply and is often associated with diabetes and extensive smoking.

Gangrene can involve any part of the body; the most common sites include the toes, fingers, feet, and hands. There are several types of gangrene and symptoms depend on the location and cause of it; a physician may confirm a diagnosis with these varying signs and symptoms. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computerized tomography may also be needed to examine the extent of the disease.

The two major classifications of gangrene are:

* Wet or moist gangrene – usually develops as a complication of an infected wound. The bacterial infection that causes swelling usually results to a sudden stoppage of blood flow. The affected part is imbued with stagnant blood which promotes the growth of bacteria rapidly. It occurs mainly in moist tissue and organs like the mouth, bowel, cervix and vulva.

* Gas gangrene on the other hand is a type of wet gangrene brought about the the bacteria known as Clostridia. It’s a type of infection-causing bacteria that grow only in the absence of oxygen. It produces poisonous toxins and gas as it grows.

* Dry Gangrene – usually caused by decreasing of blood flow through the arteries. Its appearance is gradual and progresses slowly. The tissues in the affected part becomes cold and black, begins to dry, and eventually cast off. Dry gangrene doesn’t usually involve infection.

Treatments for gangrene vary based on the type of gangrene and the location, but often include a combination of surgery, antibiotics and oxygen therapy. People suffering from gangrene need urgent assessment and treatment to prevent the spread of infection. Antibiotics and surgery are the popular treatments that prove it efficacy. To avoid surgery though, there are Natural Cures that are available.

For Wet gangrene, treatment with antibiotics and surgical removal of the dead tissue are deemed necessary. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or the self-administered oxygen therapy is highly recommended.

For Dry Gangrene, applying of Cayenne (capsicum) tincture to affected area may alleviate the pain and reduce the possibility of infection. A colloidal silver is also a natural cure for gangrene once infection is present. Another natural cure for gangrene is bromelain and turmeric. Since these two are good for reducing swelling and inflammation. Moreover, olive leaf can also be a natural cure for gangrene since it is recommended for fighting infections.

Natural cure for gangrene also involves eating a high protein, high calorie diet to promote fast tissue repair. Include in the diet foods that are high in germanium, such garlic, shiitake mushrooms, and onions. It is also advisable to add green drinks made from vegetables to your diet.

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