Plain Ordinary Oxygen The Holy Grail Of Medicine?

Plain ordinary oxygen – Plain ordinary oxygen the holy grail of medicine?Plain Ordinary Oxygen

Otto Warburg won a Noble prize award due to his discovery of a new treatment that could cure cancer and all diseases. He proved that the lack of oxygen causes the cancer cells to spread out, it is said to be that applying or administering oxygen to the cell to suppresses tumors and cancer cells and viruses from spreading.

Plain ordinary oxygen

According to Kevin Richardson in his program “oxy solution” that applying oxygen to the cells is very affordable, no expensive Doctors or neither fancy hospitals. His reasearch tells us about the things on how to administer the oxygen to the cells.

Plain ordinary oxygen

If one of your loved one’s suffering and is going through cancer or some serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s then this is the cure. You might save them. Also, we have this saying that tells us “prevention is better than cure”. Try it and believe that there is power in natural healing.

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